Aiming at reducing my TBR

Hi, there! How’s everything? Hope everything is going great for everyone; especially, reading wise.

As it is still the beginning of the year, I’d like to share with you the most important reading resolution: reducing my TBR. On the first days of this month I decided to count the amount of books on my TBR, which amounted to 299 at that moment. Up to this day, I’ve managed to finish 8 and plan on reading at least 8 more by the end of this month.

In order to achieve this goal and the one of not participating in more readathons than the ones I can honestly handle, I am participating in Pageathon and Backlist Bookathon On the side, I enrolled in three yearly events: #AYearAthon, a yearly one that includes a different prompt every month lasting just one week each time; Around the Year in 52 books, a challenge with a weekly prompt for a book; and the Popsugar Challenge 2020 There’s still time to join most of these, if not all!!

On this post, I’ll focus on my TBR for the Backlist Bookathon and my January TBR for the AYearAthon.

The first one is starting tomorrow and runs from 15th Jan to 15th Feb. As it focuses on backlist books, it’s a perfect opportunity for you if you realised there are too many unread books on your shelves or you’ve been buying too many. There are 10 prompts and I chose one book for each of them.

You can find my Backlist Bookathon TBR on the featured image for this post.

For the AYearAthon, running this month from 13th to 19th, we had to choose a colour, for which I, surely, selected my favourite one blue/turquoise. I’ll be reading as many as I can from these ones: Cress by Marissa Meyer, Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges, Muerte de Tinta by Cornelia Funke, Get a Life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert and La Galatea, a minor novel by Miguel de Cervantes -most of them included in the Backlist Bookathon TBR.

I’m also participating in a Contemporary Book Club organised by the lovely Steph Our January pick was Get a Life, Chloe Brown and I seem to be one of the last ones reading it, but you still can join!!

I’d love to know the readathons and challenges you got yourself into in the month of January and you’re free to share your TBR too! You never know when other’s selections will come in handy.

Thanks to those who read this all! Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed!

Bear hugs!


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