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Alpha Bots by Ava Lock. A Tarantino style diverse sci-fi.

*I received an ARC of this book from Net Galley in exchange from an honest review.*

Thanks to them and Ava Lock for allowing me to read this.

3.7 stars.

A dystopian world in which all females are bots and males but one are human. A depiction of submissiveness of women, how outrageous seemed to the ‘perfect housewife’ that there were others living differently, The Truman Show delusion and Stockholm Syndrome greatly intertwined.

Ava’s style is quite easy to read but not too simplistic. It consists mainly on conversations, which speeds you up and gives you a constant sense of movement in time.

The rating given is because days after having finished it, I still have no idea how I feel. I loved the general story and the fact that it defends equality and diversity. However, at times I felt like reading scenes from any Tarantino film or The Fight Club, mainly. Certain ideas felt forced, as if introduced just because the writer wanted to mention them without previous or later connections.

One of the scenes was Tarantino style, but with badly harmed animals as explicitly pictured in words, which I personally find disturbing.

There are TW for abuse, explicit sexual language, animal harm, and explicit violence.

Mostly, I found this book quite entertaining, reflecting and enjoyable.

I would certainly recommend it if you like things like Transpoitting, Quentin Tarantino, The Fight Club, dystopian, sci-fi and a creative author.

Thanks for reading me!

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