The Last Line of Their Lives Blog Tour

I was kindly given this book by The Book Review Crew and the author, Andrew Doan, in exchange for an honest review.

4 stars.

This is the second time The Book Crew Review pleasantly surprises me.

I would have never chosen to read this book. My whole life I’ve avoided small towns and I tend not to enjoy films or books set in small places, but this book was a jewel.

Emmitsville is a small town in Pennsylvania started by a bunch of people who put their faith and businesslike minds to work and build luxury to make this place their home for life. There live two brothers, Allen and Ambrose, who own the cemetery and funerary services of the best place to be buried, so much so that every inhabitant could kill to get a spot in it.

I thought of Emmitsville as a sentient place. Its history was incredibly detailed and nicely explained. I could imagine Greg, our MC, walking through its streets that mane years ago and dreaming of starting to help others through medicine. For some strange reason, its streets are cobbled, the buildings 3 stories at the most and people wear 40s-style clothing and fancy hats.

Character-wise, Greg had this House(the Character from the series)-like attitude and sense of humour that made me empathise with him instantly from his first conversation with Ambrose. The latter has the perfect body and character for a mortician and I wouldn’t take any of our characters off the book.

Regarding the plot, I absolutely loved death was part of life. Contrary to other books and films, death is simply as important as life and these people take as good care of their burial arrangements. Given the allegedly dark topic, this felt like being part of a play written by Edgar Allan Poe or somehow by Godot and, trust me, there’s nothing more enjoyable to me.

The fact that the author, Andrew Doan, is a teacher and a drama director, allowed me to vividly imagine each scene (chapter, if you want to make it dull) and feel as if I was watching a play.

If you like a relatively dark plot with a sarcastic/ironic sense of humour, this book is for you. Also, who doesn’t feel touched by a group of elderly people living their life to the fullest while preparing their deaths? Trust me, you have to read this even if you normally wouldn’t.

Bear hugs!


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