Wolves of Adalore Blog Tour

4.4 stars

I fell instantly in love when I read the synopsis and the author’s replies regarding why she wrote this book. The idea of a chosen-one female warrior appealed to me.

Niobi, Crispin and Salome are siblings, but the oldest one betrayed their family, got their city burned and had her family ‘killed’. But there was a guardian who helped their oldest brother save Crispin and Salome. Now, they are seeking revenge and they have an unexpected tool nobody believes exists anymore.

The plot contains what, from my point of view, attracts the reader towards this book: our female warrior MC.

Although we have had many in recent years, women in this book are more real to me than any other story I’ve read. I find, as strong male MCs are regularly shown feral, fearless and fierce, female warriors tend to be portrayed the same way just to make them seem similar to males. However, our females are driven by emotions (which is phylogenetically normal), strong, adaptable to different situations and just humans who have certain abilities. All these personality features allow them to feel real and relatable to the reader. I personally always wanted a badass princess I could identify with.

Now, I believe this book is character driven because all of them are properly developed. There are many characters and more appear as the story develops, although there’s no mistaking one for another given their particular personalities and behaviour patterns. I never felt so close to a bunch of people who are not (allegedly) real. I constantly felt as if a friend was telling me their stories.

The story’s pace is not stable, which I don’t find annoying at any moment. I think the pace of life is not consistent, so why should that of the book be? This book is more focused on building the story through conversations and memories rather than getting you into a world without a deep understanding of the background events that made things and people the way they are.

I found elements from Game of Thrones (even specific characters and events), Viking culture and others; not sure, but I felt there was Wicca or Celtic influence too, which I quite enjoyed and made the story much more logical to me. Female Vikings were free to choose a professions, so much so that some of them were pretty strong warriors and went away with males. This is the reason why Viking women don’t exactly have a flat belly, but a curve under their belly button which is a fat storage just men have in other cultures because it’s designed for when they had to spend long periods of time fighting far from home and wouldn’t know how often they would be able to eat.

There’s just an element I found somehow confusing; the book cover. From this and the synopsis, I was quite sure this would be an adventure Middle Grade. There was nothing further from the truth. The art style and the choice of words led me to believe the target audience was late middle graders, but upon reading, it is obviously a YA high/epic fantasy.

So, if you’re either character or plot driven, but care about the logic and background information of your characters and story, this book is for you. Also, who doesn’t like a pretty strong female MC who’s also the chosen one these days?

Highly recommended.

Let me know if you get to it and follow the tour!

Bear hugs!


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