A Prophecy of Wings by Jane McGarry

3.5 stars.

Hi everyone!!

First of all, I’d like you to take a few minutes to admire this cover because when I saw it, had to ask for this book to review immediately.

We follow Lina, a princess pushed out of their future kingdom as a baby by her evil aunt, her loving mother’s sister. However, the most powerful sorceress of her kingdom protects her and is actually the one who protects her (together with an amulet given to her by the queen, her mother) on the 16 years before she decides to go back to her kingdom and try to take the throne that’s hers to save the fairy world.

This story must ring a bell to many of you, as it is a Thumbelina retelling. For those of you who don’t know who this other character is, it’s a folk tale written by Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish author and Disney has a film based on it. There are a couple of twists and turns that change things, but of course it’s kept quite loyal to the original story.

As a half-Danish and a lover of Andersen’s stories, I couldn’t avoid getting engaged in the story and falling in love with each character. In a world full of fairies and animals, someone like me doesn’t want to miss a thing. However, I felt the writing style corresponded to a middle grade, even though it had been marketed as a YA.

I ignore if the mistake was made by the publisher or by the author and the editor, but the writing style is simple, which makes the book accessible to young readers and the book quite easy to read. I flew through it and really loved that. Not only the style, but also the cover seems to focus on middle graders, which is by no means a criticism, but a compliment -they have the most beautiful ones-.

Although this story is plot driven and our characters are evidently black or white, good or bad, I fell in love with them and travelled through the story with Lina, who took me back to my childhood stories and didn’t let me go.

As a retelling, I felt it could have exploited originality a lot more and gone far from the original tale to offer the reader more surprises and more of a new and refreshing product somehow.

There are also no real consequences to the actions of the chosen one, rather than friends dying or getting in trouble. It is because of what has been said that I gave this book 3.5 stars, even having quite enjoyed reading it.

I’d recommend this book if you’re into classic fairy tales, love black and white characters and want a nice trip back to childhood.

Hope you liked this review!

Please, let me know if you’re planning to read this book and what middle grade fantasy books you’re read lately. I’m always eager for some recommendations.

Bear hugs!!


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