At the Fields of Fire and Blood. A blog tour spotlight

Hi there!!

Today, I’m coming with another book spotlight for you. I saw this one, read the synopsis and was already intrigued, so I decided to participate on this blog tour. Thank you so much to the author and Erik (Breakeven Books, you should check him out) for allowing me to be part of this.

It is a 500+ pages web novel that I now need to read.

First of all, I’d like you to admire this stunning book cover! Isn’t it interestingly dark? It certainly sparked my curiosity.

Now that you’re (I’m pretty sure) already interested, let me show you the book synopsis!

Humanity set out to achieve Godhood and failed. Their attempt left a ruined world behind, one touched by magic for the first time, but blighted by Heaven and Hell seeping into it. The ones who were left behind hide in great walled cities, caught in the throes of a timeless undeath, and almost completely decimated by the monsters set loose from the deepest abyss of their collective unconscious. The Scions — warrior-mages who ate the fruit of hell and became possessed by fragments of God known as “Archons” — are the only ones who can fight these nightmares and cross the barriers between the worlds. They’re kept locked and isolated in abbeys, reared to protect the cities and their inhabitants. And, one day, to undertake the Pilgrimage,
the mythical heroic journey through Heaven and Hell that will finally open the doors to Eden and grant humanity what it once sought and couldn’t grasp: eternal peace.
But, inside the walls of one of the abbeys, rebellion is brewing. Kayla, Joshua, Sarah, Matthew, Vivien and Darren tire of their captivity and plot to gain back their freedom and find answers to the mysteries of their dying world. Yet it’s not only monsters that stand in their way. Some humans will fight for secrets to remain hidden, while others don’t wish to see the scales of power they’ve so carefully balanced tip. The Scions will have to follow in their ancestors’ footsteps and attain what their predecessors couldn’t to succeed: kill the Godhead and become gods themselves.

But what’s a book without its author? Her profile makes the book even more appealing to me. This is she:

Author Bio:
Crisyah is a Portugese, queer, neurodiverse writer who left traditional publishing behind in order to be able to write about characters like herself with no limitations.
Raised on a steady and varied diet of horror movies and epic fantasy, JRPGs and anime, her first big project was a horror mahou shoujo starring her middle school classmates as the heroines. It’s no wonder her current series, At the End of the World, is a gothic fantasy Soulsborne and Madoka Magica mash-up. You can find her on Twitter @crisyahwrites, yelling about videogames, BTS and her giant, fluffy cats.

Please, let me know if you get to read this because I cannot wait to read and discuss the book with other readers. You tell me gothic and I’m instantly interested! Are you too?

You can also support the book here:

Support on Indiegogo:–2/

Please take good care of yourselves.

Bear hugs!


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