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Hi little bears!!

I apologise for not having posted in such a long time, but my health took a toll for the worse and I’ve been worried about that, going to many doctors’ appointments, getting tests and also trying to finish my degree (which is closer every day).

4.6 stars!

The Last Keeper is an epic fantasy story and the first one in a series. Daemon belongs to an order of Keepers whose main power are visions, which are normally immediate, but he’s been having these weird ones that are even leaving him with real marks on his body. He’s not sure what to do with them and is too scared to share them. What do they mean? How do these risk the community and what problems will arise?

This is the official summary:

I was hooked to this book from the prologue. It kept me wanting to read more and it became quite hard to close the book whenever I needed to do something else. I thought of the story and speculated on every character’s role constantly. The writing style also helped this being a quick read despite it being an epic fantasy and the length was perfect for me.

Nothing was overly explained, neither was the reader left in doubt. The world building was fair and characters were not flawless, which meant you could relate to each of them easily and feel with them throughout the story. I felt you could enjoy this book either if you were plot, character or atmosphere driven. Descriptions of places were incredibly vivid too.

The story doesn’t show perfection because life is not perfect. Sometimes we must make hard decisions and people die along the way, so I did appreciate no false hope or perfect endings in it.

Before I finish, let me show you the author.

Born of steel, fire and black wind, J.V. Hilliard was raised as a highlander in the foothills of a once-great mountain chain on the confluence of the three mighty rivers that forged his realm’s wealth and power for generations.

His father, a peasant twerg, toiled away in industries of honest labour and instilled in him a work ethic that would shape his destiny. His mother, a local healer, cared for his elders and his warrior uncle, who helped to raise him during his formative years. His genius brother, whose wizardly prowess allowed him to master the art of the abacus and his own quill, trained with him for battles on fields of green and sheets of ice.

Hilliard’s earliest education took place in his warrior uncle’s tower, where he learned his first words. HIs uncle helped him to learn the basics of life—and, most importantly, creative writing.

Hilliard’s training and education readied him to lift a quill that would scribe the tale of the realm of Warminster, filled with brave knights, harrowing adventure and legendary struggles. He lives in the city of silver cups, hypocycloids and golden triangles with his wife, a ranger of the diamond. They built their castle not far into the countryside, guarded by his own two horsehounds, Thor and MacLeod, and resides there to this day.

I would highly recommend this epic fantasy and cannot wait to read the next book in the series ASAP!

Here’s where you can get the book!

And where you can check it:

Let me know what you think of the book and if you want to read it. I’d also love to know what you’ve thought of it once you’re done. Cannot tell you anything else because I felt it was necessary to discover the book as you go.

Bear hugs!!


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