Dolly Considine’s Hotel by Eamon Somers. Blog tour and mood board

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Here I come with another book review I hope you like.

4 stars to this adult historical fiction/cosy mystery.


My summary:

Dolly McClean is a woman ahead of her times who inherits and saves the family business, a hotel. She represents a real feminist and progressive female. On the other side, there’s Julian (Paddy), a young gay man of 18 years old who decides to reinvent himself, change his name and travel whilst attempting to become a writer. Life makes his first stop, Dolly Considine’s hotel, where he gets a job and meets the variety of guests and a tangle of stories.

The events and individual stories represented in this book are mainly historical and essential for current discussion of the topics they’re about, aka abortion, sexual orientation, etc. I personally love historical fiction and felt this helped me have a bigger picture of how these subjects developed in Ireland and the world to reach where were’re at nowadays.

The sense of humour was witty and quite funny, once I grasped it. Yeah, I have to say I did not find it funny at the beginning because I wasn’t used to it, but once I became accustomed, I couldn’t help but smile and laugh in every chapter.

The reason why I could not give this book 5 stars is that I was mostly confused for about 20% of it regarding the change of timelines and the writing style. It was hard for me to get used to the style, although I love the avant-garde in this cosy mystery and recognise the author’s writing skills.

So this is the link to my mood board for the book:

Even though I saw this work as character driven, I believe the plot is greatly developed, given that it was created as an excuse (if I’m not wrong) to discuss the sensitive topics it touches and to show that, even in the hardest of times, there were those who went out of their way to fight, raise their voice and help us get where we’re at now (I know there’s still a long way to go, but we have moved forward). Our life and freedom would not have been possible without them. Let’s thank these heroes, even if we don’t know their names.

But, hey, I realised I haven’t introduced you to the author here!

PS: He has my flag behind him!!

Eamon Somers grew up above the small corner shop run by his parents in Dublin’s inner city. After brief careers as a shop assistant, trainee motorcycle mechanic, courier, office worker, lounge boy, community facilitator, double glazing installer he moved to London. He worked for two years in Haringey Council’s Lesbian and Gay Unit, drawing on his several years’ experience of community development work with the National Gay Federation in Dublin. Redundancy from Haringey caused him to stumble into the social housing development career he enjoyed for the following thirty-two years.

From his early writing classes in the People’s College in 1970s Dublin, his studies at Birkbeck College London, summer schools at the Irish Writers’ Centre, to more recent zooming sessions with poet Diana Goetsch (via Paragraph NY), Eamon’s lifelong commitment to learning the art of creative writing, is obvious His short stories have been published in various magazines including Tees Valley Writer, Automatic Pilot, Chroma, The Journal of Truth and Consequences (which nominated his Fear of Landing for a Pushcart Prize), also in Quare Fellas, a collection of LGBT+ fiction published in Ireland. He is currently working on revisions to his novel A Very Foolish Dream, – Highly Commended in the 2019 Novel Fair sponsored by the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin. Dolly Considine’s Hotel is Eamon’s debut novel.

Eamon is the happy father of three children. He and his Civil Partner Tomás are proud to be called Papa and Papi by their two lovely grandchildren. They increasingly divide their time between London, Dublin, and other parts of Ireland.

What a better month to read this?

So, here’s where you can get the book:

And you can also check it at:

Hope you liked this review as much as I enjoyed the book and that you’re having a good time.

Take care!

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