Heat Wave by TJ Klune, a review.

Hi, little bears!!!

Hope you’re doing great, reading and otherwise. I’m still working on my thesis, but happy that’s the only thing left to obtain my degree.

This book was, as most TJ Klune’s work, a 5-star read.

This is the last book in a YA fantasy/contemporary trilogy in which Nick, a 16-year-old gay young man with ADHD doesn’t have any powers in a world of superheroes. His city is protected by these special humans and he sometimes feels helpless, but he dreams of them and puts this into words on a fanfic he writes regularly. He lives just with his dad, who loves him, but he’s not the only one to appreciates Nick, who’s surrounded by love from family and friends. Will our villains destroy his city, or will Nick be able to support this justice league with other kind of superpowers?

All I can tell you is TJ Klune did it again and got right to the root of my heart, amking me cry and laugh althogether. Love his sarcastic sense of humour, which permeates all his work and makes it much more enjoyable. He uses it in all the right places and moments, so we have bittersweet moments and nostalgic smiles in all his books, and this one is no exception.

I have no idea how he does it, but he has an incredible ability to write people’s thoughts and emotions, making his characters alive and leading the reader to feel the characters’ emotions as their own. I personally have no support network in life (understood as those people who, no matter what, will be there for you and do anything in their power to get where you are if you need them), so it was beautifully painful, if it makes sense, to read this book. My heart was so full to see such a good quality support network full of so much real love, I cannot even put it into words.

Psychologically speaking, I have no complain whatsoever about this book. Every mental health issue that arises is portrayed exactly as it is and its consequences are spotlessly shown. What amazed me the most is how Klune writes the inner being of each character in such a way that they feel too real and always hit home.

As if it was not clear enough, I highly recommend this story of love, acceptance, diversity and support to absolutely every human on earth and beyond.

Hope you liked this review and that you read the books. Let me know if you did, what you thought of them and if you want to read them now.

Sending bear hugs!!


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