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At the Fields of Fire and Blood. A blog tour spotlight

Hi there!! Today, I’m coming with another book spotlight for you. I saw this one, read the synopsis and was already intrigued, so I decided to participate on this blog tour. Thank you so much to the author and Erik (Breakeven Books, you should check him out) for allowing me to be part of this.Continue reading “At the Fields of Fire and Blood. A blog tour spotlight”

Your Career, Your Business by Gina Cajucom. Blog Tour. Book Spotlight

“Your career 2.0
There is an inherent pitfall to using society’s yardstick of what career success is. We like to “keep up
with the Joneses” and make sure we keep up with our peers. There is also pressure from family and
friends to do the “safe” thing, which means being employed, lest we dare to take the risky entrepreneurship route. It’s natural to aspire for what society defines as traditional success, like getting to an executive role in a corporation or going for a respectable profession like being a
doctor, a teacher, or a lawyer. But, while working in a technology start-up might attract the young
generation, even younger people put value to work-life balance and find it cool to work in climate change, racial justice, or jobs incorporating activism.

Suppose you create your definition of success and measure yourself against that yardstick instead. What would you do differently in your career?

Career 2.0 is finding your second act—your reinvention of what success looks like for you based upon your unique set of life circumstances. It is what you make of yourself based on the opportunities that are available to you. It is what you create based on your unique talents, experiences,
temperament, and personality. There is nobody else quite like you. Your success does not have to look like somebody else’s.
Career 2.0 is about finding the entrepreneur in you—the ability to be creative and innovative,
considering what life has handed you. You cannot rely on your organization or your boss to take care of your career development. They are focused on business development. You cannot expect them to improve your position based on your career aspirations. They probably do not know what those are, let alone be able to prioritize them. You must be the leader of your success. It would help if you
were your own salesperson, your product developer, your brand manager. It would help if you led in
managing your Career 2.0.” p. 21-22