The Last Keeper by J. V. Hilliard. Blog tour

Hi little bears!! I apologise for not having posted in such a long time, but my health took a toll for the worse and I’ve been worried about that, going to many doctors’ appointments, getting tests and also trying to finish my degree (which is closer every day). 4.6 stars! The Last Keeper is anContinue reading “The Last Keeper by J. V. Hilliard. Blog tour”

Wolves of Adalore Blog Tour

4.4 stars I fell instantly in love when I read the synopsis and the author’s replies regarding why she wrote this book. The idea of a chosen-one female warrior appealed to me. Niobi, Crispin and Salome are siblings, but the oldest one betrayed their family, got their city burned and had her family ‘killed’. ButContinue reading “Wolves of Adalore Blog Tour”

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