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On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder. Review of the graphic novel.

5 stars!! Hello, little bears!! I have a few (a lot of them, really) ARCs to review, so you’ll at least see one review per week here and on my YouTube channel (The Book Dreamer’s Alley) for the ones granted to me by NetGalley and just here for those for which I’m part of aContinue reading “On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder. Review of the graphic novel.”

Gasoline Dreams by Simon Orpana. A review

*I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.* 2.5 stars. This is a non fiction graphic novel focused on a necessary purpose creating awareness about the excessive use of petrol based energy that’s destroying our planet at a staggering speed. I loved the fact that it mentions and goes deepContinue reading “Gasoline Dreams by Simon Orpana. A review”