Where We Belong by Shann McPherson

 *I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

A contemporary that is also a bildungsroman in which I found it impossible not to connect emotionally from page 1.

This book got 4.5 stars from me, which is pretty high.

Page 1 got me into the skin of our main character, Alice Murphy. Chapter 2 had already made me cry twice. 51% of the book meant I was not able to stop at all, despite my continuous tears rolling down my cheeks without previous notice. It was one of these books that has you yelling at her every other page to do or refrain herself from doing something.

You can picture the settings perfectly, thanks to incredible descriptions not only of the places themselves but also of the feelings they produced on the people who lived and visited, their traditions and how they felt live in general.

The characters are so well rounded and real that it is impossible not to clearly imagine them and feel close to them in a way. It has been, in fact, the first book that makes me live the story from the perspective of several characters!

I found, however, a couple of aspects that I personally disliked. The first one was the fact that they all seem alcoholics. None of the main characters -except one- are mature enough to face their issues without a drink (or a couple of them), and get drunk regularly, even if it’s morning time.

The second issue I had with the book was the message that one who loves you will necessarily hurt you somehow or that women will play dirty on each other to obtain a man’s love.

What did I like the most? That despite being a contemporary romance, it is not at all focused on the romantic side of it, but it shows how different events in life will change you view of things to come and your behavour towards whatever comes your way next; real life issues that affect you and any living person would, in a way, be able to relate to.

This book is, definitely, a must if you like contemporary romance. Highly recommended.

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