Surrogate Colony by Boshra Rasti. Blog Tour.

4.5 stars

Hi, there, little bears!

I’m back with another book review today. Hope you enjoy!

First of all, I’d like to thank Travelling Pages Tours and the author for granting me access to an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and a Music Playlist (you can find this one on my Bookstagram account,

After a huge pandemic situation (TW), Arthur Mills, the only surviving polititian, creates a massive community segregated from the rest of the world, in which population now lives, MicroScrep. It is ruled by a computer system that seems impossible to hack and decides the fate of each citizen. Yes, it’s manipulation, but they’re safe thanks to the system. However, not every member of the community is happy with this. Will they be able to escape?

This is a dystopian thriller that made me not want to stop reading at all since I started. It kept me intrigued and actually nervous all the way through and, trust me, this does not happen often.

The writing style made it a quick and easy read, even though there are such heavy topics being approached here, so I flew through the book. I’m not sure I would have been able to wait any longer to know what happened.

Adriana is a particular citizen, having one blue and one brown eye. Nobody knows why, but her mother hides this from the world. Although she was eugenically created -like everyone else-, it is rare that she and several of her close ones, are questioning the system.

I really loved this character something happened and she started making decisions that did not at all fit her personality and thoughts. I’m pretty sure, though, the author meant for you to transfer your love to another character right after, who takes over the story.

This change of perspectives was done so swiftly, that I was not aware of the intention until it actually took place. Really well done here!

There are surprises, twists and turns that make this a gripping page-turner.

I do not want to go into detail as to tell you the types of citizens and how they serve the community or fit in it, but loved how the author merged elements from several famous books to create this. I could see a really strong influence of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley here, the idea of the castrati -originally taken from classical music- and surrogacy, to name a few, in a world in which the population cannot see the truth and, to be honest, most of them just refuse seeing.

A brilliant work! I’ll read more books by the author in the future and I encourage you to pick up this book is you are not triggered by:

TW: the pandemic, rape of a teenager (no details given), being manipulated by the system, hormone manipulation, castration, control.

Let me know if you get to read the book and leave a comment with your thoughts!

Hope you’re having a wonderful month.

Bear hugs!


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